President Joe Biden will tout his administration's efforts to make healthcare more affordable as part of tonight's State of the Union address. / Politico

Private companies have committed to invest $4.2 billion in Central America as part of an effort to reduce migration by targeting economic development. / Reuters

Meanwhile, monthly crossing attempts at the US-Mexico border remain near record highs. / Pew Research

The death toll from Turkey and Syria's earthquake tops 5,000. / ABC News

Interviews with Taliban soldiers who moved to Kabul to become administrators. "Life's become so wearisome; you do the same things every day." / Afghanistan Analysts Network 

Unrelated: "The Taliban Can't Stop TikTok." / WIRED UK

To offset inflation, Berlin gives young people €50 "youth culture cards" to spend on clubbing or going to museums. / Dazed

Why veterinary medicine has such a high suicide rate: all the euthanasia. / Slate

Lhakpa Sherpa, who's climbed Mount Everest 10 times, the most ascents ever by a woman, works in a Connecticut Whole Foods between expeditions. / The New York Times

From May 2020, moments in history when sports were played in empty stadiums. / Throwbacks

Some other odd things: A cosmetics store designed as a tangle of ductwork. A trolley goes viral as a bookshelf. / yatzer, Penguin

Ice fishing, threatened by climate change, draws new adherents with sonar and "wheelhouses." / The Economist

LZ Granderson: If the NFL truly wants to address its racism, it should honor the four Black men who first integrated the league. (There's a good podcast interview on the same topic.) / The Los Angeles Times

See also: "How Massive the NFL Really Is, in Four Charts." / FiveThirtyEight