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Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Why “call me” works.

The manhunt ends for the suspected shooter who killed four people at a Waffle House in Tennessee.

James Shaw Jr., who wrestled away the suspect’s AR-15, has since raised thousands of dollars for the victims’ families.

More than half of the world's wealthy investors say they expect to live to 100.

A 700-year-old banyan tree was saved intravenously by hundreds of saline bottles filled with pesticide.

French President Emmanuel Macron enjoys a three-day trip to Washington to save the Iran deal. Friends call him "the Trump whisperer."

One problem with being president of the US—aka, the hardest job in the world—is the ever-expanding job description.

The fact that debt and deficits are rising under conditions of full employment suggests a deeper underlying fiscal problem. Congress recently lavished the public and corporations with cash, but it’s not a free lunch.

What it's like to seek marriage as a transgender Christian in Northeast India.

Interview with an anonymous home abortion provider.

Photographs and a report from the National Radio Quiet Zone, home to families who are “electromagnetic hypersensitive.”

A prion disease is killing deer, but scientists don’t understand enough about it yet to know the risks it offers to humans.

Professional athletes are ditching Ibuprofen for CBD, an anti-inflammatory extracted from marijuana.

As cannabis becomes big business, say goodbye to the humble joint.

How city bananas are shipped, stacked, ripened (in rooms filled with ethylene), and delivered.

Attention, Amazon Prime haters: your fellow humans believe Amazon is by far the best tech company for society.

For black Americans, every store offers the chance to be yet another bad day at Starbucks.

A CEO replies “call me” to every email he gets for a week. Net result: better, more authentic communication.

Getting "FIRED"—Financial Independence, Retire Early—is great until you face down the emptiness of retirement.

Even mid-career professionals working for big magazines have nothing nice to say about the state of freelance writing.

Artist Ilya Milstein draws fantasy neighborhoods from people's memories of 1980s New York City.

Iconic female archetypes remade as 21st-century women.

Two women are three weeks into occupying Virginia tree platforms in a fight with gas-pipeline officials.

Interest in "Earth Day" may be flagging, but it served its purpose now that "climate change" is a household word.

Besides the green benefits, the long-term economics for recycling remain relatively sound, including job creation.

If you're wondering where the worst people winter: welcome to Powder Mountain, a "Davos for Millennials" in Utah.

Video: A machine solves a Rubik’s Cube in 0.38 seconds—a speed so fast it sometimes breaks the cubes.