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Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Wine motor skills

Helen Branswell compiles a primer on what’s known about mixing and matching Covid-19 vaccines. / STAT

Texas Governor Greg Abbott bans all organizations, including private companies, from enforcing vaccinations in his state. / BBC News

Coronavirus question: Should I humor my friend's request for a pointless Covid precaution? / NPR

Avtar Singh explains why a crowded New Delhi hospital with empty Covid-19 wards is a sign of hope. / Foreign Policy

With only a year to go until the 2022 midterms, a round-up of reasons why Democrats are so worried about losing control of Congress. / Wake Up to Politics

Politics question: If schools cultivated a shared understanding of our past, would it be easier to resolve today's differences? Probably not. / The Week

A justice system in Tennessee is accused of arresting and jailing children illegally. / ProPublica

California mandates gender-neutral toy aisles for large retailers. Meanwhile, Lego says it will remove gender stereotypes from its toys. (Its website now offers themes it calls “passion points.”) / Axios, The Guardian

From August, a taxonomy of Tokyo's small vehicles enables a theory of more humane roadways. / A Chair in a Room

Recent works by the German painter Alina Grasmann are inspired by North American architecture, "which she likens to a stage set." / Booooooom

In an indication of crumbling infrastructure, the USPS can no longer send a package to Australia by normal mail. / Indignity

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Prince Charles reveals that his Aston Martin runs on cheese and wine, literally. / The Guardian

“It's probably the most awkward moment I've ever seen in the business.” Inside the shortage of infinity pools. / Business Insider

Evelyn Douek: TikTok avoids the scrutiny applied to Facebook because politicians don’t take it seriously. / The Atlantic

Clive Thompson created a web tool that lets you spy your hidden literary style (via punctuation). / Creators Hub

See also: The world’s worst tweet, the world’s worst sandwich, the world’s worst name for a soccer team. / Twitter, Open Culture, Kottke