David Remnick reports from Israel. "The only way to tell this story is to try to tell it truthfully and to know that you will fail." / The New Yorker

"It's not even one house in Gaza that they don't have death." On the current pains of Palestinian and Israeli Americans. / MSN

Morgan Stanley and TD Bank privately hope for big profits after a 7% value increase since the start of the war. / Responsible Statecraft

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Apple warns multiple Indian lawmakers (from Prime Minister Modi's main opposition party) of their iPhones being targets of state-sponsored attacks. / TechCrunch

A critique of the meanness of life in contemporary England: "If it continues, I suspect a great many more British people will go in search of bigger lives elsewhere." / Stiff Upper Quip

Voices within academia call on institutions to do more to defend professors from harassment and stalking. / The Verge

A new trend (or school?) emerges in art made by artificial intelligence: "controlism." / Read Max

A locked USB drive possibly contains $235 million in Bitcoin—but the owner won't work with a team of hackers who know how to open it. / WIRED

Installing avian-friendly glass results in a 90% drop in bird collisions for Manhattan's Javits Center. / The Economist

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Some notes on what it's like to live among the hordes of visitors who descend on Salem, Mass., at this time of year. "It's hellish." / The Wall Street Journal [+]