Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Word on a wing.

The Justice Dept. approves one of Trump's special master candidates—and escalates its Jan. 6 investigation, issuing around 40 subpoenas in the past week. / The Washington Post, NBC News

"In Texas, oncologists say they now wait for pregnant women with cancer to get sicker before they treat them." The medical impact of state abortion bans is happening now. / The New York Times

After being ignored by authority figures, students at a Rhode Island middle school tracked a teacher's inappropriate comments to make their case. / The Boston Globe

To save its only grocery store from closing, the town of Erie, Kan., purchased it. / The Hustle

"Well over half of Big Oil's advertisements promote the message that they have embraced clean energy and emissions reductions"—while they're on track to increase production by 2026. / Grist

One of the world's top GeoGuessr players has an astounding ability to identify any location in the world based on a photo, and believes "anyone is able to do this." / Motherboard

Jean-Luc Godard has died at 91. / The Hollywood Reporter

"Transphobic historians often envision an imaginary past devoid of queerness and a future along similar lines." Why artistic portrayals misgender Joan of Arc. / Hyperallergic

Scientists think they've figured out how air pollution causes cancer—not by causing damage, but by reawakening existing, damaged cells. / BBC News

In an "interspecies innovation arms race" around garbage bin raiding, Sydney's human and bird residents are outsmarting one another. / The Guardian

See also: The 2022 winners of the Bird Photographer of the Year contest. / BPOTY

Not birds, but: Watch a single wing flap from 15 moth species. / Twitter

"The material is stretched out, looped, and manipulated in various ways to achieve a true polyphony." Converting found recordings of human speech into music. / Boing Boing

Visualizing the relative distances between each star in various constellations. / Reddit

All of David Bowie's cruise ship journeys. / CrewCenter