A dam in a Russian-controlled part of southern Ukraine gets blown up, unleashing torrents of water across the region. / The Economist

A schedule for when European airports and trains are set to strike this summer. / The Points Guy

French public television replaces traditional weathercasts with weather-and-climate reports. / Covering Climate Now

Your weekly white paper: Wildfires reveal the ways many people lack relationships with the land. / Ecopsychology

France becomes the first country in Europe to regulate influencer marketing on social media. / ABC News

Currently booming among Europe's millennials and Gen Z: urban fishing. / The Guardian

A former intelligence officer says Congress is being kept in the dark over the truth about UFOs. / The Debrief

Apple announces a "powerful spatial computer"—i.e., a headset for virtual and augmented reality—available next year for $3,499. / The Verge

Teju Cole on how to see past beauty. "Within a single great painting, complicity and transcendence coexist." / The New York Times Magazine

Related: Jasper Johns' upstate New York studio is for sale. / Sotheby's International Real Estate

Some random health news: Interviews with people who drink alcohol before exercising. Also, prepare for the pro-smoking discourse. / Slate, Read Max

Some people believe the business of record breaking has become too much of a business. "Things have changed a lot with Guinness." / The Guardian