Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: You are what you share.

Trump's shutdown cost the US economy $6 billion—more than the $5.7 billion ransom he demanded for his wall.

Some federal contractors lost their health insurance during the shutdown, and fear losing it again if a second shutdown happens.

Why more Americans will never retire: Among other factors, dwindling birth rates mean fewer caregivers for an aging population.

"Since the century’s start, median net worth has plummeted for every age group [in the US] under 55."

A member of the House Judiciary Committee says an investigation into Kavanaugh's perjury during confirmation is "likely."

A proposed EU backchannel would facilitate commerce between European companies and Iran, circumventing US sanctions.

Automation may end up creating more jobs than it destroys, but that’s not what CEOs want right now.

To see the future of corporate news, look to Tennessee, where Gannett’s monetization has eroded news coverage.

The groundbreaking '60s magazine Flamenco, targeting Britain's African-Caribbean community, was in fact MI6 propaganda.

Probably when we need it the most, weather forecasting has dramatically improved in recent years.

Facebook targets unsupervised children gaming on the platform as a key revenue source, a lawsuit uncovers.

Inundated with products, Amazon Vine reviewers have a wholly unique view of the role our stuff plays in our lives.

See also: How America tidied up before Marie Kondo.

Once a "town for tomorrow," Thamesmead became the dystopia Kubrick envisioned when he used it in A Clockwork Orange.

How the only layer of your digital identity under your control affects what information can be gleaned about you.

Cristiano Ronaldo's $21 million fine for tax evasion is just the tip of the iceberg in soccer fraud.

The dramatic, chilling, inside story of the Thai soccer team cave rescue.

The science of anxious hangovers: Too much alcohol creates a chemical imbalance in the brain, which the body tries to correct.