Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: You might think.

Officials say Iranian weapons were used in the attack on Saudi oil installations that removed 5% of the world's oil output.

As part of its investigation into hush money payments, the New York County DA's office has subpoenaed eight years of Trump's tax returns.

Sarah Kendzior: "The Manhattan DA who subpoenaed Trump's taxes is Cy Vance. Vance is known for protecting elite criminals. Among those he aided are Weinstein, Epstein, Strauss-Kahn, and Donald Jr and Ivanka Trump. Temper your expectations."

Trump has ordered two former White House aides to defy subpoenas to appear today in front of the House Judiciary Committee, which calls the hearing its first impeachment proceeding.

A year after Kavanaugh's confirmation, new allegations emerge about sexual improprieties as well as the FBI's failures to investigate them.

Amid claims Kavanaugh lied under oath, prominent Democrats call for his impeachment.

However, rather than impeachment—which is a high bar—Kavanaugh could be removed from office through an ordinary court proceeding using the Constitution's often misunderstood "good behavior" clause.

For the first time in 2019, a week passed with no new measles cases reported in the US, signaling the nation's worst epidemic of the disease in 27 years may be drawing to a close.

Singer, songwriter, and producer Ric Ocasek, best known as the founder and frontman of the Cars, died on Sunday at 75.

First detected in 2012, a Russian espionage operation was able to monitor American intelligence communications and disrupt tracking of Russian spies in the US.

The fascinating and grueling story of how Marc Chagall’s daughter smuggled his work out of Nazi-occupied Europe.

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A sole sperm donor has been linked to an autism cluster of at least 12 children. One mother is suing for more oversight.

Gary Larson hints at a "new online era" for The Far Side, 24 years after he retired the influential comic.

George Wylesol's new graphic novel Internet Crusader depicts a post-apocalyptic world through old technology.

As The Goldfinch hits theaters, Donna Tartt fans wonder why there still isn’t an adaptation of The Secret History.

Watch: A classical music trio performs in front of a real-time visualization of its cellist's brain activity.

A collection of Anthony Bourdain's belongings is going up for auction, including his treasured steel and meteorite chef's knife.

"For most of human history, people thought nothing of crowding family members or friends into the same bed."

Legendary music label 4AD has recently been adding classic videos to YouTube from its ‘80s and ‘90s post-punk/goth/dream-pop heyday.

A dizzying video of massively repeating items: highways, apartment blocks, and more.

Over the course of a 10-day chess tournament, mental and physical stress can cause grandmasters to lose an average of 12 pounds.

Detailed interior still-lifes painted with skewed depth and perspectives, by Hilary Pecis.

An animated map of America that recalls a 16-bit video game.

A map of African license plates.