Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: you’re a grand old drag

Boris Johnson remains the United Kingdom's Prime Minister despite 148 of his MPs voting to oust him. / The Guardian

Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky says the country has lost too many to "simply cede our territory." / BBC News

Tick-tock reporting of the 2021 attack on Mozambique's Amarula Palma hotel, where local citizens and foreign gas workers faced insurgents with ties to the Islamic State. / Outside

At least a dozen people are dead after another weekend of mass shootings in US. I.e., "three days, many guns, 17 fatalities." / NBC News, USA Today

The GOP exiles a Republican New York congressman, who represents Buffalo, for embracing gun control. / The New York Times

Crime is the topic du jour in Democratic races, and California Democrats are divided. / Wake Up to Politics

Ross Barkan on "the limits of San Francisco liberalism." Meanwhile, is it true that Swedes used to not feed young guests? / New York Magazine, The Washington Post

Unrelated: Ann Turner Cook, face of the Gerber baby, dies at 96, still resembling the sketch. / Instagram

Many popular dating apps don't require users to provide proof of age, and many minors are slipping through. / The Atlantic

A new book says nearly 10,000 federal employees lost their jobs owing to homosexuality in the 1950s. / Quillette

Excerpt from a new book about contemporary drag culture in Brooklyn. Also, an except from a new book about measurement. / Nylon, The Guardian

Jeff VanderMeer, whose book Annihilation was made into the movie by Alex Garland, says Garland shouldn't have bothered making his latest film. / Gawker

A compilation of recent footage from events hosted by Friends of Amateur Rocketry in the Mojave Desert. / YouTube