Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: You’ve got whale

Hawaii's governor tells tourists to stay away amid a surge in COVID-19 infections on the islands. / The Hill

With approval expected for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines in a month, Dr. Fauci predicts the US will have Covid under control by Spring 2022. / Reuters

Afghan filmmaker Sahraa Karimi offers a riveting account of escaping Kabul last week. / The New Yorker

Airbnb says it will help house up to 20,000 Afghan refugees, but has yet to say where or for how long. / The Guardian

Out of 14,000-plus minutes of national evening news broadcast on CBS, ABC, and NBC last year, five minutes were spent on Afghanistan. / Responsible Statecraft

Why does America keep building corrupt client states? Egotism and greed. / The Economist

Three lessons for Africa from Zambia's landslide opposition victory. / African Arguments

Adam Tooze: The War on Terror didn't crowd out better projects. "Better projects were never on the agenda of power at all." / Chartbook

Natasha Tripney: If the country of your birth vanishes off the map, what does it make you? What do you become? / Vittles

See also: How Martha's Vineyard became a Black summertime sanctuary. / Vox

Ben Smith reports on the Russian journalists recently targeted by the government with "undesirable" or "foreign agent" status. / The New York Times

See also: "How Marrying Putin's Daughter Gave Kirill Shamalov a World of Opportunity." / iStories

Patagonia boycotts the Jackson Hole ski resort after the owners sponsor a fundraising event with top Trump supporters. / USA Today

Parts of President Trump's Southwestern border wall are in disrepair after monsoon rains blow the floodgates off their hinges. / Gizmodo

Former restaurant critic Wyatt Williams visits Alaska to eat a whale. / Harper's

How to improve your dating life? A man tries only dating couples (platonically). "They're desperate for new company." / The Los Angeles Times

Unrelated: An eighth-grade civics class exonerates a woman condemned in 1693 at the height of the Salem Witch Trials. / The Associated Press