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Two Dead Women

Presumed Innocent, take two.

Book Cover Though both bestselling authors (being a singular category) John Grisham and Scott Turow are well liked in what is a testy and envy-rich sub-culture, I have not been moved to read their novels and writings. I might have read the book that launched Turow’s career (Presumed Innocent), but it’s possible I am simply remembering the movie, given that two decades have elapsed since both the book (1987) and the movie (1990) were released.

Now comes Turow’s sequel, Innocent (Grand Central Publishing), which thankfully doesn’t pay any attention to the miscasting of the movie’s parts/characters and carries on a presumably improbable storyline with some well-crafted plausibility. Which is not to say that this resembles an unusual literary point of view as a workmanlike rendering of legal intricacies that are both interesting and puzzling; this is apparently for what lawyer-turned-author Turow is well-regarded.

You can read excerpt(s) and find out about the novel’s particulars and probably everything you want to know about Scott Turow at the resource (the personal website) that has become de rigueur for authors and, well, just about everybody.

While I am certain that I will not remember one sentence of Innocent, that does not mean reading it was without its rewards. Though I have never been quite clear on which books fall under the rubric of thriller, I would guess that adequately applies to Turow’s sequel.
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