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Vera Balyura

Vera Balyura

Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine

Occupation: Jewelry designer by day, rock star by night.

How would you describe your look? A cowboy who shows his emotions in song mixed with a Winteria Telescopa deep-sea water fish.

When did you start producing jewelry? I started drawing in my woodcarving days with grandpa. Then my friend Rony Vardi, owner of Catbird, asked me to make her some jewelry since she liked my artwork. She really liked it and asked me to make more for her store.

What inspires your pieces? History, storytelling, sunken treasure, and folk songs from the future.

What other creative ventures do you have up your sleeve? I’m writing a film in the vein of Wes Anderson and Claire Denis. I’m also doing a photo book project I’m self publishing called Phone Book, and a tourism log of places frequented by eccentric NYC residents, for which I’m looking for collaborators.


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