Video Digest: August 17, 2007

The rare (lunatic) authors who succeed on video: The Corporate Dominatrix; Conan gets hit on; Jon Stewart with Bill O'Reilly; Slam poetry, just because; One of Marley's more ardent biographers; Goodall does her best chimp.

I don’t know that I ever want to write a book, but I certainly wouldn’t mind going on a book tour. The work’s already done, now you get to go to city after city to be lauded for being a genius. Sure I’m romanticizing it; nonetheless, don’t you think you’d enjoy reading for 40 minutes, soaking up the applause, and signing books for your ardent fans? The highlight of my morning was discovering that eating prunes doesn’t make me gag—not exactly comparable.

Of course, writing a book doesn’t mean you’re actually talented. Things we learn from The Corporate Dominatrix: You can get six full minutes on CNN for combining amateur personality tests with business strategy. Look at how seriously these correspondents take this nonsense. Maybe they’re hoping for a private analyzation with “Mistress Lisa” during the break. (Note: the Dominatrix has requested that we not embed this video; you can see it here.)

I hear there’s a TV show where this gentleman Mystery, master of the “Venusian Arts,” teaches dateless young men how to seduce any woman, any time. Here he promotes a book of this advice on the late-night circuit. I don’t imagine Conan has this much fun with every author who sits on his couch.

Aw look, it’s Jon Stewart on The O’Reilly Factor, (sort of) talking about America: The Book. Mostly the 2004 election, though, which was pretty depressing, come to think of it. At least Jon Stewart carries on.

Now it’s time for some slam poetry. No, now, come on, it’s barely three minutes and you might like it. Why am I including this on an authors list? Because I can.

I love that this woman is a Bob Marley biographer. Those crazy crimpy bangs, the way she grins at the jokes her characters make, the guy on the bongo—I can’t think of a better recipe for a reading.

Jane Goodall lived with chimpanzees far before she wrote books about them, though this isn’t a reading. Instead she gives a beautiful lecture about humans and animals, and does a mean Tanzanian chimpanzee.

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