Video Digest: August 18, 2006

Oldies and youngies: Geriatric1927's touching vlogs; Asian woman takes many pictures; babies are made on the floor; Clell Tickle and Tapes N Tapes teach us how to break an indie band; and in honor of Sarah's birthday, a video for Virgos.

Not long ago, a 79-year-old British widower calling himself “geriatric1927” began vlogging on YouTube. Since then, he has made national news, become one of the most watched personalities on YouTube, and prompted thousands of teens to weepily call their grandpappy. By now, geriatric1927 has made over a dozen vlogs, which are mostly linked by poor production values and a tendency to ramble. They’re also fairly compelling: I mean, come on, this man is publicly documenting his life. As he says in the following video (the first in a biographical series), “This YouTube experience has been one of the major changes and breakthroughs in my life.” Hey, nobody ever said that about bingo.

And here’s his latest:

Taking a different approach to biography, an Asian woman took a picture of her face every day for three years. In this flipbook of those snapshots, we learn… well, we learn that she has nice glasses.

And in the following video flipbook, we learn where babies come from. They come from the floor, where you lie for nine months taking snapshots of your rising belly. This shocking footage will make loose young women think twice about lying still on the kitchen linoleum for more than, say, three days.

[ This video has been removed ]

“Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru” is a short film that answers the following questions: How do up-and-coming bands crack the internet? And what do comedians from VH1’s Best Week Ever do in their down-time? The skit gets bonus points for appearances by Ted Leo, Devendra Banhart, and Tapes N Tapes.

Now, in celebration of my upcoming birthday, Harvey Sid Fisher sings about Virgos.

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