Video Digest: August 24, 2007

Even game-show hosts make mistakes sometimes; well, except for Barker: Alex Trebek is drunk; Pat Sajak is not cool; Bob Barker is bulletproof

There I was the other night, lying on the couch, flipping through channels, when I came across it: the blooper show. No, seriously. They still have these things? I felt as though I’d tripped across a Betamax. Apparently people still watch these things, and I had to question who among us still watched. As the clock ticked away I had my answer: apparently, me.

And I don’t know if you saw that show or not, but let me tell you, that guy’s balls were totally asking for it.

I thought about the blooper show when I found—maybe even looked for—this clip of Alex Trebek drunk. Alex Trebek drunk! For $200, this is the number of beers it takes to bomb one game-show host.

It made me wonder what other game-host bloopers were out there. Let me tell you something sad: “chuck woolery blooper” and “wink martindale blooper” came up empty. But not so, “pat sajak blooper”! Here, Sajak shows us why he’s just not cool.

Bob Barker is too classy for bloopers—well, that’s not true, and there are lawsuits to prove it—but bloopers made me remember this classic Showcase Showdown, which proves once and for all that we should add a few Jet-Ski lessons to our classic public school curriculum.

My friend and I used to have a joke about Family Feud. Whatever the question was—what do 100 people surveyed eat when they’re hungry, what do 100 people surveyed think is the best condiment?—the answer was always the same: fiberglass! “Fiberglass” is a great catch-all answer in Family Feud. Because people are always saying the darnedest things. Anyway, here is a montage of weird game-show moments. Do you feel like you’re watching that bloopers show the other night? Yes, you just tripped over a Betamax.

And what would this Friday be if I didn’t leave you with footage of a hamster stuffing Cheerios in its pouch? I only hope you can be so resourceful today.

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