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Video Digest: December 1, 2006

Baby, you got it: Best infant breakdancer, Snoopy goes to the disco, a child that seems to be talented at something, a fancy French mime, Mel Brooks's "The Critic"

Every parent thinks their kids are the best, the cutest, the brightest. So when you click on a link called “Best Baby Breakdancer in the World,” you think—feh, no way. There’s gotta be a million babies breakdancing out there, undiscovered, crying in the shadows for a crumb of respect and a little breast milk. But lo and behold, this baby might just be the best baby breakdancer in the world! Baby’s got skillz. This kid has a shining future as a subway performer, or a husband to Britney Spears.

Breakdancing is one of the unlikely activities in this 1984 Charlie Brown episode, topping 10 Zen Monkeys’ list of the lamest Charlie Brown cartoons ever. In a bizarre mix of bad genres, Snoopy dons his Loverboy outfit and heads to the disco.

It’s hard to know what to say about the following child talent, except that “talent” is a stretch. Still, I love his energy. I love his enthusiasm for dancing, and for emphatic pointing. I believe he really is the Candy Man. I also believe that I have watched this video, like, 15 times—and I need to stop.

Jerome Murat is a French mime artist with more than a whiff of the Cirque du Soleil. His act is pretty impressive—c’est magnifique, as the French would say. But it doesn’t speak well of my patience when, 10 seconds into the following clip, I was all, “Come awwn, Frenchy, do something!”

Hey, everybody’s a critic. Enjoy this hysterical early Mel Brooks short (directed by TV veteran Ernest Pintoff), “The Critic,” in which Brooks plays an old Russian man mouthing off during an artsy animated film. “It must be some symbolism. I think it’s symbolic of junk.”

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