Video Digest: February 8, 2008

The Super Tuesday videos you missed: Meave Gallagher on all the angles wrought by media saturation insanity.

We had a lovely Super Tuesday in San Francisco, thank you. I agonized over my choice of presidential candidate for days, but ultimately I’m happy with my decision. That immediate post-voting relief was just what I needed to forget the stress from the media saturation insanity of Tuesday morning.

Like I told an equally conflicted friend, whoever gets the nomination will get my full support—phone banking and bake sales and whatever else I can do to prevent another Republican presidency. Disturbingly, Ann Coulter, the thinking person’s mortal enemy, sort of agrees with me on this point. I can’t tell you how surreal it is to watch Ann Coulter and think, Well, she does make a good point, I would vote for Hillary over McCain in a heartbeat, and way to shut up those jerkwads Hannity and Colmes. Still, this clip gave me nightmares.

Continuing with the punditry on Fox News, a couple of blandly attractive “Friends” learn how easy it can be to mess with the Diebold voting machines just before a bunch of states employ them in the primaries. You see how concerned the Foxies look after the fraud is proved on their own example votes. To learn more, check out this HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy. It’ll make your jaw drop with shock, too.

Over at GodTube, the people do not like John McCain. Compared to former preacher Mike Huckabee, McCain is the anti-conservative. The following gentleman made a warning video just before Super Tuesday, to remind his viewers just how terrible a mistake they’d make by voting for the senator from Arizona.

Glenn Beck, one of CNN’s Headline News pundits and the sweetheart who once called Hillary Clinton “Stalin in a pantsuit,” can’t stand John McCain either. And just like our darling girl Ms. Coulter, Beck would rather have President Josef Hillary than President McCain.

To distract from the McCain-hating, a couple of boys who are head-over-heels for Mike Huckabee. As I’ve said before, I do admire Mr. Huckabee’s way with words. It is a terrible shame that he is such a religious nutball, but who wouldn’t want to listen to him give the State of the Union? Instead let’s enjoy this acoustic duet, “The Time of the Huckabee.”

What were the candidates saying just before the big day? Any last-ditch efforts to change swing-voters’ minds? I don’t know how difficult it’s been for Republicans to decide; all the Democrats I knew seemed to be dead sure of their choice for presidential nominee. Yet I’d heard all the debates, I did lots of research, and still it was a toss-up. And no, Ron Paul fanatics, I will never vote libertarian, unless the reincarnation of Hitler/Pol Pot is my only other choice, so please don’t waste your time trying to convince me how great no income tax would be.

This young man knows whom he wants to see in office, and performs an amusing little cover song about how great his candidate is. As someone who’s gone years without health insurance, I recognize the excitement in this line here: “We can finally see a doc when we get poked in the eye.”

This young lady still has love for the Clintons, as evidenced by the face-splitting smile she wears in her photo with Bill at this Super Tuesday rally in Los Angeles. How adorable.

Did somebody say “change”? Sometimes, when I’ve got a debate on and I’m cooking instead of watching the television, I’d swear the candidates are talking about coins instead of “a new or refreshingly different experience/ the act or instance of making or becoming different/ the substitution of one thing for another.” Or, as this video maestro says, “sometimes it seems like the candidates are all singing from the same songbook.”

Now let’s all have a moment of silence for the pundits of CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and all the rest, who no doubt are suffering greatly at the inconclusive results of what was supposed to be the most exciting night in the primary season. Guess you’ll have to keep working, guys. When’s the Hawaii primary again?

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