Video Digest: January 26, 2007

Golden fluff remade: Estelle Getty gets the Beyoncé makeover; an X-wing fighter looks better made out of hands; rap fit for crying and cleaning; weathermen, saints of television, swearing and fighting; Norman Mailer wrestling with Rip Torn; and Brigitte Bardot singing you a lullaby.

I love that there was a moment in time when we all watched The Golden Girls. Four single senior citizens, living and loving in Miami: I’m in! Obviously one of the coolest of the GGs—if not the coolest—was sparkplug Estelle Getty, who made a workout video to prove that not only can senior citizens stay active, but they can also make creative use of face towels. Those videos get the Beyoncé remix treatment in the following video. Be warned: Getty’s got skills.

I know, there’s a new Star Wars video every week, and even Star Wars fans must get a little weary of this. But none of them can compare to the transcendent joy of watching the film’s last scene played using only hands.

Speaking of transcendent joys: Have you seen Reh Dogg yet? The rapper/singer has become a web sensation with his tone-deaf tunes and love of a good shower. There’s nothing this man likes more than a nice, soapy lather. Well, maybe his grill. Or his loofah. So tell me: Why do you keep making him cry?

Oh, bloopers make the funny. You know why? Because people cuss. And get angry. And when they’re weathermen, it’s even better. This one goes out to my main man, Storm Fields.

Now that Norman Mailer is old and round and writing books about Hitler, it can be hard to remember that he was a real nutjob of a scrapper. Here, in the only scene from Mailer’s 1970 Maidstone worth watching, he wrestles with Rip Torn, who bites his earlobe until Mailer’s wife goes all Casino-era Sharon Stone on their asses. These people are effing nuts.

Woof. And now, for something completely soothing. Brigitte Bardot would like to make love to you.

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