Video Digest: July 27, 2007

A compilation of the remarkable Ms. Alexyss K. Tylor and her persuasive arguments for genital empowerment.

When my editor asked me to write about Ms. Alexyss K. Tylor for this week’s Video Digest, my prudish side was shocked. Does he know what she talks about, I wondered? Does he know about her vocabulary? My grandparents read this!

The woman does have some captivating video clips out there, however, and I’d hate to deprive the world of the brilliance of the Alexyss Tylor Show because I was afraid of what my relations might think.

Furthermore, I admire her message, which I interpret as, “Women, do not give up your power to men, no matter how sexually pleasing they may be; it is too easy for them to abuse this power, as it makes them very strong.” Of course this does not apply across the board, and sometimes it does seem as though she’s speaking to the less canny ladies, but with every video I found myself nodding my head in agreement more and more.

Part Baptist preacher, part avenging feminist superwoman, part overly chatty lady on the bus—I don’t want to say any more for fear of ruining the rather overwhelming effect of seeing an Alexyss K. Tylor clip for the first time. Please enjoy (with headphones if you are at work or among children with the power of speech).

Please allow Alexyss and her mother to introduce the concepts of Penis Power and Vagina Power.

Here is Alexyss on Halloween, “piloting the pussy,” which is to say, she is strong in her Vagina Power.

This I had not considered before, but according to Alexyss, good sex with a not-so-good man can have shocking effects on a woman.

Sometimes, a man’s behavior is such that it does not reflect his speech. This story about one poor woman’s experience with a “two-faced dick” is particularly graphic, and quite enlightening.

Nannie, Grandad, I swear I know nothing about any of this.

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