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Video Digest: May 19, 2006

'80s videos; Juggernaut, Shaft-ed; L. Ron Hubbard; David Bowie's teeth; Wayans' revenge; cute Nutella-style

I grew up in the ‘80s without MTV, which felt a bit like growing up without oxygen. I compiled my own music video collection by taping a network show called Friday Night Videos, but my library was nothing compared to Milinkito’s ginormous compendium of ‘80s videos, including such little-seen gems as Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and Mr. T’s jaw-dropping “Treat Your Mother Right.”

» Watch many more ‘80s videos.

* * *

The pimpification of popular culture just keeps spreading, like a good case of chlamydia. Here we see The X-Men’s Juggernaut, as played by Shaft. Or is it Rick James? Whatever, bitch.

* * *

The name means “sciel,” which means knowing how to know in the fullest sense of the word, “ology” which is study of, so it is actually study of knowingness: Scientology explained by L. Ron Hubbard, the man who invented it. (Long, but fascinating.)

» Watch “The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard.”

* * *

The road from Ziggy Stardust to Iman’s better half was paved with visits to the dentist. David Bowie’s career evolution, traced through his grill.

* * *

Newspapers question the ethics of a quality film like United 93, while the guys who brought us White Chicks are allowed to make another film? It’s too soon for this. To the Wayans Brothers, I say: never again.

» Watch the trailer for Little Man.

* * *

Oooh, this Korean girl is so cute I want to eat her like Nutella! Sadly, after this performance, her parents whipped her for being out of tune. Oh, I’m kidding. They gave her kisses! Kisses are her favorite!

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