Video Digest: September 22, 2006

Punks and puppies: Discovering Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains; Washington's hardcore scene, documented; Soap operas embrace Faith No More; Weird Al is white and nerdy; Puppy porn.

In college, I fancied myself a movie expert because I owned the Godfather box set and could quote Showgirls. I’d been raised on Entertainment Tonight and HBO reruns, and I didn’t know underground film any better than I knew dressing in big flannel shirts and torn jeans made me look an awful lot like a lesbian. My 20s was a decade spent filling in the holes I’d missed—the Hal Hartley and the Jim Jarmusch and twisted little gems like Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains, a 1980 punk rock classic about the rise and fall of a bratty all-girl band. Diane Lane stars in the role that launched a thousand Kathleen Hannas. Line most deserving to be quoted: “Nobody in this shithole gets me, ‘cause I don’t put out.”

This featurette comes from John Pierson’s late, great IFC series Split Screen, which also went a long ways in edumacating my movie choices. When you have time, rent The Fabulous Stains. In the meantime, enjoy the story behind it (via

» View the story behind The Fabulous Stains

Last time I visited Washington, D.C., I had some Indian food, drank too much Rolling Rock, and hit the Holocaust Museum with an eye-throbbing hangover. It was a rough day. Maybe next time I’ll take a walking tour of the city’s hardcore scene, as documented in the 10 featurettes gathered on “Capitol of Punk.” Funny I didn’t notice this on their official tourism site.

I love it when soap operas try to be all pop culture-y. It is on my Favorite Thing list, above chocolate-peanut butter sundaes and below squirrels that can waterski. On a recent episode of All My Children, the writers dropped a name that’s sure to bring in that coveted 18-25 demo: Mike Patton! (Wait, really? The dude from Faith No More?) Best plot twist in a soap since Luke married Laura: “You’ve been reading my blog!”

Yes, Weird Al is still around. No, I wasn’t planning to link to this. But then, isn’t it a little bit funny? Or am I just tired? “First in my class up at MIT / Drop skills I’m a champion at D&D / MC Escher that’s my favorite MC / Keep your 40, I’ll just have an Earl Grey tea.”

Nothing says Friday like four puppies having an orgy. Thanks,

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