Lisa Whiteman

Wall Township: Rachel & Arch

Wall Township

Names: Rachel Elizabeth Brower Albertson Pettit and Arch T. Pettit

Time(s) of birth: 1913 and 1916, respectively

Relation to the photographer: Grandparents

Occupation title(s), then and now? Rachel: Housewife, mother, and part-time reporter for three local newspapers, later worked as an editorial clerk for the U.S. Army at Fort Monmouth. Arch: Worked several years for a nursery, then meter reader for a utility company, and then later as an account collector for the same company.

How did you two meet? We were introduced by a mutual friend who brought Arch to a Wednesday evening church service to introduce us to each other, which was followed by apple pie at Rachel's house which had been baked by Rachel's sister.

How big is your family? Rachel: Two daughters, one deceased, and one son. Arch: Two sons. Together we have 17 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

What are your most prized possessions? Rachel: My family. Arch: My wife.

Who were your childhood idols? Rachel: My cousin Marion. Arch: I didn't have one.

Five words to describe the current era: Rachel: Fast, beyond description. Arch: Unsettled, hostile, loving, serving others, companionship.


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