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This Week

Wanting to Be Loved

Every Friday we take a look back at the week’s headlines, centering on a theme we’ve singled out as particularly important. This week, some people wanted to be loved, while others just want people to show a little more love to their fellow man.

Woman’s account of sleeping with her favorite male porn star, whom she picked up (very quickly) in a bar:

Instead of being entertained, I was doing the entertaining, and I suspect he was too — but for whom, exactly? We were the only audience.

GOP leaders quietly working to kill amendments that reaffirm opposition to same-sex unions:

The economy has displaced moral issues in today’s politics. Ask most House Republicans today if they have deep convictions about gay relationships, and it hardly registers.

Adam Phillips on poetry as a form of therapy and the perils of reading psychoanalytical criticism:

I think that we are very frightened of the intensity and the excesses of our emotional lives. And that the arts—and if you happen to like poetry, then poetry, but it could also be music—enable you to both bear and get pleasure from your feelings.

Terrifying account of Dartmouth’s humiliation/vomit culture:

“No matter what your actual ‘Dartmouth Experience’ is, everyone usually falls in line and says, ‘Yes, we all love Dartmouth,’” laments English professor Ivy Schweitzer, who has taught at the college for 29 years. “It’s really a very corporate way of thinking.”

Man in Japan obtains injunction ordering Google to stop associating his name with crime:

I don’t think any of us would want people to see “[myname] eats babies” every time they searched on our name.

Terrific diary on life in Syria:

He not only rejects the idea of foreign governments sending weapons to the Free Syrian Army but believes that the FSA and local defence committees should not have taken up arms at all.

Study claims 75% of Warcraft players are dating another player; of those, 75% traveled over 100 miles to meet:

The first official Warcraft wedding dates back to 2006, and just a year later, a couple who met playing online game Everquest tied the knot in a ceremony that took place in both the game and the real-world (Vegas, of course) simultaneously. Even Words With Friends is turning into a hook-up hangout.

Faces found to be more attractive while moving:

“[The frozen face effect] may explain why photography of faces is so difficult to master and why people anecdotally believe they look worse in photographs,” they said.

Headscratching episodes in the never-ending love story of Superman and Lois Lane:

In 1967’s Lois Lane #79, our heroine ends up in the harem of an extraterrestrial bigamist. And as you saw from this article’s top image, Superman acted like his usual lunatic self.

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