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Four former bank executives are charged with helping cellist Sergei Roldugin launder funds suspected of belonging to Russian President Vladimir Putin. / BBC News

Alice Su: Taiwan's fate ultimately will be decided by the battle-readiness of its people. / The Economist

The most polluted places to live in the United States: Bakersfield, South Los Angeles, Chicago's south and west sides. / The Guardian

See also: Los Angeles is a fantastic walking city, even if most of it is awful to experience on foot. / The New York Times

Pedestrian deaths in the United States rose 18 percent between 2019 and 2022. / Jalopnik

Related: A video argument against SUVs. "These stupid trucks are literally killing us." / YouTube

A study finds instant noodles make up nearly one-third of childhood burn injuries. / uchicago news

The new raspberry Girl Scouts cookie is mostly sold out, but can be found on eBay with a large markup. / SF Gate

Amazon sold close to $40 billion worth of advertising last year—bigger than the entire global newspaper industry. / Benedict Evans

American households have an average of $96,371 in debt. / American Inequality

A long story about abuse—and accusations of abuse—in the dogsledding world. / GQ 

An excellent essay on the "pain medication paradox," or, what it's like to go through dental surgery as a recovering heroin addict. / The Paris Review

For the first time in a survey's 30-year history, young women report using marijuana and other illicit drugs at a higher rate than young men. / VICE

A new survey of young people's dating habits detects a new "friend-to-partner" pipeline. / Business Insider

A web site offers a searchable list of TV shows that were canceled, ended on a cliffhanger, or both. / Is it cut short