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Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: A ring-shaped eruption

Shanghai eases its two-month Covid-19 lockdown for 25 million residents. / BBC News

Americans who catch Covid abroad are using a backdoor to get home: flying to Canada or Mexico, then crossing a land border. / The New York Times

Helen Branswell interviews a WHO official on the challenges of responding to monkeypox. / STAT

There have been 17 mass shootings in the United States since Uvalde. Fourteen occurred over Memorial Day weekend. / The Trace

The Supreme Court suspends a Texas law banning online platforms from restricting posts based on political views. / Politico

A study in Nigeria, now being replicated in Chicago, finds impressive results from giving cash and therapy to men at risk of criminal behavior. / Vox

Searching academic papers for obscene words hidden in their titles. / Rob Manuel, fuck yeah!

Devin Coldewey: Can we please have dumber cars that focus on letting the driver drive. / TechCrunch

American artist Garrett Pruter is removing all of the birds from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. / Trafalgar Avenue

Photography originally seemed like a Rosetta stone to perceiving color objectively, but "turned out to be a red herring." / Lapham's Quarterly

An excellent essay on poverty and writing by Starr Davis. / Catapult Magazine

Ted Gioia's 14 warning signs that you're living in a society that lacks a counterculture. / The Honest Broker

See also: A restaurant critic describes what it's like to dine out with a TikTok food influencer. / Eater

Seven varieties of stupidity, explained. / The Ruffian