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Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Agree to disdegree

Canada and Thailand defend mixing Covid vaccines after the World Health Organization's chief scientist calls the strategy "chaotic." / The Washington Post

See also: Weed becomes the latest giveaway for vaccines in Long Beach. / The Long Beach Post

Because they won't have to deal with Covid absences, sports teams with more vaccinated players have a better shot at winning. / Slate

A study finds that we don't just see faces in objects, we also assign emotions to them. / Ars Technica

Investigating "YouTube voice," or what one linguist calls "intellectual used-car-salesman voice." / Vox

Related: A few theories on why there are so many guitars in contemporary hip-hop. / Noisey

A look at the massive Democratic infrastructure package and the hurdles to getting it passed. / Wake Up to Politics

Europe wants to reduce emissions 55 percent by 2030, promising "tough haggling among 27 states, industry, and the European Parliament." / The New York Times

Many of California's reservoirs are at or approaching historic lows, and sending just 5% of requested water to rights holders. / The Washington Post

Apple's iPhone weather app will tell you that it's 70 degrees or 68 degrees, but never, ever 69 degrees. / The Verge

An interactive look at how much energy our inboxes consume. / Thanks in Advance

Minnesota asks people not to release goldfish into the wild, where they can grow over a foot long and threaten indigenous species. / The Guardian

On summer afternoons, tiny worms emerge from the glaciers of the Northwest—maybe to soak up sun rays, though no one really knows. / NPR

A love of the outdoors is often connected to a distaste for money, which is "dirty, unenlightened, unspiritual." / Outside

Psychedelic voyagers without six hours to spare are vaping DMT for a 10-minute excursion—aka "the businessman's trip." / VICE

A drone view of the Great Pyramid of Giza shows the extraordinary geometry of the structure in crisp detail. / Colossal

While renovating his back steps, a Michigan man finds more than 150 bowling balls—and counting—under the concrete. / The Detroit Free Press

See also: 1970s America had an obsession with made-for-TV mysteries and thrillers. / CrimeReads

TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin remembers poet Stephen Dunn, a great lover of table tennis. (Btw, you should check out Rosecrans's bestselling new nonfiction if you haven't yet!) / Meditations in an Emergency, Bookshop

Today marks Week 6 at Camp ToB, which means we're diving into the back half of Klara and the Sun with discussion leader Meave Gallagher. / The Morning News