Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: All caps, all the time.

Trump’s telephone call to congratulate Putin—despite notes saying “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” in all caps—should lower expectations for his upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un.

Incidentally, the White House is furious that a senior staffer leaked the all-caps advice.

Trump doesn't have a conscious intent to vandalize liberal democracy—he doesn’t even understand what it is.

Masha Gessen: Russian voters were only given bad options this past weekend, robbed of all meaning and hope.

A profile of Internet activist Lyudmila Savchuk, who spent two months working undercover at Russia's troll factory.

Video: The first supersonic transport to ever fly was actually Soviet-built, and not without problems.

The suspect in a string of bombings in Austin, a young white guy, blew himself up as police closed in.

In Alabama, it’s legal for sheriffs to take money earmarked to feed jail inmates and buy a beach house.

Joan Baez only owns three shirts. See also: the color "glaucous" is both epic and underappreciated.

Homer’s poem... was a crowd-sourced database of generations of knowledge, customs, set pieces, and legends. To love the poem is to change it. In praise of Emily Wilson’s new translation of the Odyssey and her “quietly revolutionary” Twitter presence.