Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: All shall Paris

Since 2015, more than 500 retired US military personnel—including generals and admirals— have worked for foreign governments, mostly in countries known for human rights abuses. / The Washington Post

In the past year, people in more than 90 countries have protested over fuel prices. / BBC News

Vladimir Putin declares martial law in the four provinces of Ukraine where Russia controls territory. / The Guardian

Fiona Hill: Whenever he has a setback, Putin figures he can get out of it. / Politico

People notice many fewer men at restaurants, stores, and social gatherings around Moscow. / The New York Times 

Health officials in the US brace for the prospect that Evusheld, the country's sole preventive Covid-19 treatment for immunocompromised people, may be ineffective this winter. / STAT

Telemedicine exploded in popularity during the pandemic, but limits are returning for care delivered across state lines. / Bloomberg

Birdwatch, Twitter's fact checking program, tackles Covid-related topics more than anything else. (E.g., is a genetic mutation really behind the so-called "superdodgers?") / The Verge, The Root

In praise of city charters, a key tool for cities "to bring about change, reform and improvement." / Discourse Magazine

Jon Winder: Playgrounds are a good way to show we value children in our cities. So why are so many designs a century old? / History Workshop

"Fashion has never really mattered to me." A conversation at home in Paris with Balenciaga's Demna. / T Magazine

With so many drivers watching their smartphones, it may no longer be possible to cross a busy Paris street by "looking forward and walking at a steady pace." / Boing Boing