A new database finds more than 1,500 lobbyists working on behalf of fossil-fuel companies while also representing environmental groups. / The Guardian

The Earth experienced the hottest day ever recorded on July 3. / Quartz

July has already seen 11 mass shootings in the United States. / NPR

Israel ends its attack on Jenin in the West Bank, but residents fear more is coming. / BBC News

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Ray Bradbury once wrote a poem for Apple's in-house magazine titled "Ode to the Quick Computer!" / Robin Sloan

It's possible and often permissible to collect sperm from a deceased loved one, but it's also controversial. / Slate

A long report on the culture wars said to be raging within a growing community of "reborn" doll collectors. / Cosmopolitan

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Sarah Manavis says to beware of "beige-fluencers," people who are cheerleaders for a life of no surprises. / The Guardian

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