Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Amazon and on and on.

The Senate voted 56 to 44 to proceed with Trump's impeachment trial, rejecting the argument that the trial is unconstitutional. / The Washington Post

Takeaways from the first day of Trump's trial, which included a shocking video montage of what happened on Jan. 6. (Warning: graphic content) / NPR, The Morning News

Trump's lawyers have stated that their client took "immediate steps" to stop the Capitol attacks, an assertion that conflicts with the timeline of that day's events. / The Washington Post

The video Trump supporters watched at the rally ahead of the insurrection aligns to the framework and goals of fascist propaganda. / Just Security

The Biden administration has requested the resignations of Trump-appointed US attorneys—except for those overseeing the investigation of Hunter Biden and investigating the origins of the Russia inquiry. / USA Today

A McKinsey-owned affiliate stands to profit off addiction and recovery services—after its parent helped "turbocharge" opioid sales. / NBC News

Alcohol abuse during the pandemic has caused a surge in hospitalizations for liver disease in the US. / KHN

Appalled by New York's Covid vaccine scheduling, an engineer built a tool to compile city and state data and tweet open appointments. / The New York Times

A water treatment plant's staff spotted a hacker trying to raise lye amounts in its water supply to dangerous levels. / WIRED

Mary Wilson, co-founder of the Supremes, has died at 76. Two days ago, she announced the upcoming release of solo material. / Variety

Every day—whether you know it or not—you probably use Amazon Web Services, the division that accounted for 63% of Amazon's profits in 2020. / The New York Times

"I got told by one studio owner I had money trauma and should be teaching from love not fear." UK yoga teachers are unionizing. / VICE

People just noticed that the national anthem hasn't been played at any of the Dallas Mavericks' home games this season. / Sports Illustrated

London's thinnest house—just five-and-a-half feet at its narrowest—is currently for sale at £950,000. / MSN

On the search for an eighth continent, Zealandia, rumored for hundreds of years and now confirmed by satellite data. / BBC

Aunt Jemima products have been rebranded as Pearl Milling Company, the name of the company that originated the pancake mix that would be renamed as Aunt Jemima. / NBC News

How advertisers used sexism to usher in the computer age. / The MIT Press Reader

"A cat appeared instead of me to my great surprise." An interview with the lawyer who couldn't remove his Zoom cat filter. / BBC

"White editors love it when a brown person writes about their trauma." On pop culture's invention of the "lunchbox moment." / Eater

Before a-ha hit it big with "Take on Me," there were previously recorded versions of the song, as well as a video that never took off. / Mental Floss, The Morning News

"It's never too late to reach out for someone." The YouTube comments for R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" are a special place. / Ironic Sans

Watch: The Simpsons intro recreated with stock video. / The Morning News