Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: American airlines is haunted

Floods along Nigeria's borders with Niger, Chad, and Cameroon kill hundreds and leave tens of thousands homeless. / Foreign Policy

Iranian women abroad are watching the ongoing protests "with pride and fear." / BuzzFeed News

Patricia Cohen: The dollar being strong is good for the US but bad for the world. / The New York Times

None of the world's 10 best airlines are allowed to operate domestically in the United States. / Marginal Revolution

In 2019, Bangkok residents lost eight days to rush hour traffic. / Bloomberg

Pumpkin spice product sales have increased nearly 50 percent in the last five years. / The Guardian

The morning-after pill gets a Gen-Z rebrand, with bright packaging and TikTok videos. / The Wall Street Journal

In fake referendums, occupied parts of Ukraine "vote" (at gunpoint) to join Russia. / The Economist

What does Putin want with his referendums? To reset the war. / BBC News

While Putin's troops invaded Ukraine, a tech company in Kyiv was recreating Darth Vader's voice for Hollywood. / Vanity Fair

A good roundup of theories regarding the spooky groans heard recently on American Airlines flights. / Waxy

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