Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Anybody want a peanut?

Why rich countries should foot the bill for the world’s vaccination: to save several trillion dollars. / The New Yorker

Now trending: Criminals selling forged negative Covid-19 test results to people looking to bypass travel restrictions. / CNBC

Dr. Fauci urges Americans to “lay low” and not hold Super Bowl parties with people outside their household. / The Week

For people trying to understand longhaul Covid, medicine’s (possible) misunderstanding of chronic Lyme is a cautionary tale. / The New York Times

Vaccine hesitancy occurs for many reasons, and researchers find that these attitudes don’t necessarily extend to all vaccines. / Vox

President Biden signs three executive orders on immigration that he says will make the immigration system more "fair, orderly, humane." / NPR

Pete Buttigieg becomes the first openly gay person to be confirmed by the Senate for a Cabinet position. / The Washington Post

A Trump adviser's post-mortem finds the president's behavior—and abdication of duty—responsible for his loss. / POLITICO

For summaries of the latest updates in: impeachment, virus aid, Rep. Greene (potential purge), Sen. Cheney (potential ouster)./ The Washington Post, The Associated Press, POLITICO Playbook, POLITICO

Analysis of the Capitol rioters: a mass political movement with violence at its core, drawing strength from places where Trump supporters are in the minority. / The Atlantic

Far-right extremism remains a problem of unknown extent "but clear presence among American law enforcement." / Mother Jones

A public memorial goes up for Latasha Harlins, killed in 1991, at age 15, over a bottle of orange juice. / The Los Angeles Times

Poetry Magazine has a good overview of Lucille Clifton’s career, “Lucille Clifton 101.” / The Morning News

What it’s like when President Obama drops in for your book club’s Zoom chat. / The Root

Scandinavia's most prestigious film festival is holding screenings for one—like on an island for a solitary week of movie-watching. / The New York Times

Werner Herzog explains why he identifies with skaterboarders’ failures and joy: “I had the feeling, yes, that’s kind of my people.” / The Morning News

Director Hayao Miyazaki likes to clean the streets outside his house in the early morning—so that’s where reporters go to find him. / Japan Today

Last summer, Jason Reitman made a (very good) lockdown version of The Princess Bride. It’s now on YouTube in its entirety, with a ludicrous amount of celebrity cameos. / The Morning News

In 1896, an international atlas introduced a universal language of cloud identification. / Flashbak

Here are your 2021 Tournament of Books brackets. (As the official ToB phone case says, “My Other Phone Is a Book.”) / The Morning News, TMN Store