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Wednesday headlines: Apple maintenance

On Tuesday, all eyes were on Houston as George Floyd was honored before being laid to rest next to his mother.

A timeline uses video and other records to document the clearing of protesters outside the White House before Trump’s photo-op.

A New York City police officer who shoved a protester to the pavement is arrested. Meanwhile, dozens of Philadelphia cops salute and applaud an officer facing assault charges for beating a student protester. 

The TV show Cops gets canceled.

Related: “Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop.” Confessions related to a ride-along with bastards. Confessions of National Guardsmen who struggle with their role at protests.

Why are the police in charge of road safety? Why not hand over traffic stops to something like restaurant inspectors?

A powerful example of a corporate statement about police violence comes from a baby names website.

Competing ASL translations of "Black Lives Matter" have come to convey "far more than three words could ever do in English."

See also: "Ongoing Race Conversations With My Son," a comic by Dekera Greene Rodriguez. 

Is Nextdoor really a social network for all communities if black people don’t feel safe on it?

Advocating for police reform, IBM says it will stop offering and researching facial recognition and analysis software.

Microsoft’s decision to replace human journalists with robots backfires when the AI can’t differentiate between two black women.

Food writer (and Tournament of Books judge) Helen Rosner on how apples go bad: “Scrub all the others and monitor them closely, but know that it’s likely already too late. Better to trim and burn the infected branch, or even the whole tree.”

Readers respond to the resignation of the Opinions editor at the New York Times.

Some white protesters at recent marches aren't somber or angry but excited, "like they just got off a roller coaster."⁣

First, K-pop fans drowned out anti-black hashtags. Now BTS and its "army" have donated more than $2 million to Black Lives Matter.

National Geographic releases a free, complete version of LA 92 on YouTube. Also now free, Ava DuVernay’s Selma and (must-watch) 13th.

A spreadsheet of African cinema and diaspora films, including where you can stream the movies online.

Photographer Gordon Parks remembers his picture of Malcolm X investigating the death of Ronald Stokes.

Some black art for your week: "Stranger Fruit," a series of photographs by Jon Henry of black mothers holding their sons. Photographs from "Art Is," by Lorraine O'Grady, "a joyful performance in Harlem’s African-American Day Parade, September 1983." Also, "The Worst Witch," a spooky art film examining the everyday magic of black women.

Band members from across Prince’s career collaborate from home to re-record “The Cross.”

Finally, a poem for your week, by Gwendolyn Brooks, about sleeping in the coolness of snug unawareness.