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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Beg your pardon.

The CDC voted in favor of a Covid-19 vaccine schedule that prioritizes health care workers and elderly people living in long-term care facilities. / Science

Related: A broad timeline of when various groups in the US can get vaccinated, based on risk. / CNN

The new recommended Covid-19 quarantine period from the CDC will be 10 days—down from 14—or seven with a negative test result. / Associated Press

Washington and Idaho are experiencing the fallout from when states share a border—but not the same coronavirus restrictions. / ProPublica

Breaking with Trump, Barr says the Justice Dept. has found no evidence of voter fraud that could have changed the outcome of the election. / Associated Press

"Someone's going to get killed." A Georgia election official condemns the GOP for not taking a stand on threats to election workers and other state officials. / NPR

"This man walked up, swore himself in, and he's talking about his internet radio show." A thread chronicling a public hearing for Michigan election fraud claims. / Twitter

In the three weeks since the election, Trump's campaign has sent nearly as many emails as it did in the three weeks before the election, and has raised more than $170 million. / The Washington Post

The Justice Dept. is investigating a scheme in which senior White House officials were lobbied for a presidential pardon or reprieve in exchange for "a substantial political contribution." / NPR

Trump has reportedly been discussing preemptive pardons for his three adult children, his son-in-law, and Rudy Giuliani. / The New York Times

Related: A brief history of presidential pardons—including preemptive ones. / The Washington Post

Trump threatens to veto a defense spending bill unless Section 230—the federal law that protects technology companies from liability for user posts—is terminated. / The Washington Post

According to an analysis, Tor users in more politically "free" countries connect significantly more to hidden services. / Ars Technica

"Trump demonstrated how easy it is for a president to politicize the rule of law." How to prevent a future authoritarian US president. / The Washington Post

In 1918, disinformation spread through Germany to claim they never lost World War I—a lie that eventually gave rise to Hitler. / The New York Times

In writing about race, Ijeoma Oluo encounters white men who harass by threatening to commit suicide—rather than change their views. / GEN

"I type in #cutedogs, which yields a measly 28 posts." On using Parler, the right-wing echo Twitter clone/echo chamber. / San Francisco Chronicle

Among Giphy's most-viewed GIFs of 2020: lots of warmth and positivity, and a cute little dumpster fire—see them all here. / Giphy

The TMN Store is another way to support TMN and the Tournament of Books—and Sustaining Members get 50% off all purchases there. / TMN Store

Chess players exhibit a "hump-shaped" level of performance over their lifetimes, but the peak is shifting toward earlier in life. / Nautilus

Rather than passively observing reality, your brain is essentially a prediction machine. / GQ

It's December, and a perfect time for a look back at Leslie Harpold's annual advent calendars. / Remnant Time

"When bar codes were patented in 1952, they were round." Tom Whitwell's 2020 edition of the 52 things he learned this year. / Fluxx

Archaeologists have found thousands of paintings from people who lived in the Amazonian rainforest 12,500 years ago. / The Guardian

Beavers have built their first dam in the UK since the 16th century, when hunters drove the animals to extinction. / BBC

“They had decided that they wanted to go straight home and say goodnight to Sean." What John Lennon did on his final day, 40 years ago. / Smithsonian Magazine

Spotify has patented a near-real-time "plagiarism detector." / Music Business Worldwide

In a new book, Eilon Paz photographs the effects pedals from 100 guitar greats. / ALL ARTS