Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Bot or not

"The timing right now is a little bit funny." With Covid again on the rise, experts weigh in on whether you should get a booster now or wait until fall. / NPR

A new report says Earth is facing an "unprecedented water crisis," citing increasing demand and climate change. / CNN

See also: A Portland, Ore., meteorologist has been naming North American heatwaves after oil companies. / Kottke

This is terrifying: People are using inexpensive add-ons called "switches" to turn semiautomatic handguns into fully automatic weapons. / The New York Times

Rebuffed by the state legislature, California conservatives follow suit with the rest of America's right and take their grievances to school boards. / Los Angeles Times

Trump fans on Truth Social are doxxing the grand jurors who indicted the former president in Georgia. / The Independent

"It didn't matter how ugly the site was, how broken it was." An oral history of how Myspace revolutionized the music industry. / The Ringer

See also: "Illinois has officially passed the nation's first legislation aimed at protecting child influencers." / Teen Vogue

According to a financial expert, paying consumer debt is "basically optional" in the US, and debt collectors rely on people's sense of ethics to pay up. / Bits About Money

See also: In theory, pricing algorithms could help consumers save money, but come on that is not how it really works. / The Walrus

Bots outperform humans at answering "are you a robot" CAPTCHA tests. / New Scientist

A link collection on the Model 290 Imperial concert grand piano, which has 97 keys that cover a single octave—and sounds like this. / MetaFilter, YouTube

"Why are there so few great founders in their 20s today?" Maybe because "they went into crypto and that turned out to be a dead end (for now at least)." / jdilla.xyz