Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: But how many vaccines can you name.

The Texas abortion ban is the latest in a long history of state officials' efforts to thwart women's health care. / The New York Times

"I was used as an expert voice against vaccines." What it's like when anti-vaxxers weaponize your words. / The Guardian

Improving building ventilation has become a goal during the pandemic, but it could also help stop the spread of colds and flus, too. / The Atlantic

Mexico's Supreme Court decriminalized abortion yesterday. But depending on where you live, access can vary and fear of retribution still looms. / The New York Times

As major retailers continue to shutter locations, dollar stores make up nearly a third of all US store openings in 2021. / Footwear News

Performance venues in the UK are reopening, but disabled and vulnerable artists and fans are being left out. / The Guardian

Massive Attack releases a study it commissioned to identify ways the music industry can change touring practices and curb emissions. / Magnetic Magazine

BT explains his new composition, which lives, sleeps (kind of), and evolves on the blockchain. / WIRED

Within a week, Loot—a community creating NFTs based on a random item generator—became worth hundreds of millions of dollars. / Platformer

An analysis finds Jacques Louis David's original portrait of Antoine and Marie-Anne Lavoisier depicted the chemists as elites—not intellectuals. / Hyperallergic

After the OnlyFans porn ban that wasn't, many creators saw their revenues tank, and are still struggling to regain subscribers. / VICE

"This is not terribly different from the class troublemaker who won't stop joking during a field trip." Watching MLK in Fortnite. / Hyperallergic

Various theories for why people who exercise more also tend to drink more alcohol. / Outside

"There's a blog full of downloadable Haçienda DJ sets. You're welcome." / Dangerous Minds

A beautiful and riveting animated short, "Impasse," directed by Caroline and Frank Mouris in 1978. / Vimeo

Evocative photos of starling murmurations, by Søren Solkær. / Booooooom

See also: A brief, magnificent video of starlings flying. / The Morning News