Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Can the internet handle all of us?

For news round-ups on the coronavirus, try the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, or the BBC. We also like updates from Andy Slavitt.

Internet providers such as AT&T and Verizon are on high alert for dramatic changes in home internet consumption.

Scientists warn we may need to live with social distancing for a year or more. Related: A list of coronavirus myths not to fall for.

Contestants on the German version of Big Brother have been secluded since Feb. 10, so producers had to tell them the virus news.

An infuriating story about the United States’ testing failures lays blame at the White House’s doorstep.

Americans may have lost their trust in government, but large corporations have the resources to respond.

Inside the National Quarantine Center, a report says there’s no fear of coronavirus, “only urgency.”

"Caremongering" has turned into a movement spreading fast across Canada, offering help within communities.

In the evening in France, people loudly thank medical workers.

With the Bay Area locked down, i.e. “sheltering in place,” skateboarders find themselves with plenty of empty sidewalks to be creative.

How to use this sad weird moment as your cover to rekindle some kind of intimacy you wouldn’t ordinarily.

A great recipe if you've suddenly acquired a lot of chicken thighs: Judy Hesser’s oven-fried chicken.

Listen: The fermentophone helps yeast and bacteria play music.

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Famous musicians stream concerts from home during lockdown.

See also: A guide to live-streamed and online arts and culture events whilst social distancing.

"Creativity has no place on these maps." Swiss cartographers have been defying orders, hiding animals in official maps for years.

Twitter users apply “Am I the Asshole?” to scenarios involving pets.