Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Christmas casual

As of Monday, more than 42,000 people were hospitalized in the United States with Covid-19. / The Washington Post


A Scottish bishop asks for a Christmas truce—a one-day break from Covid restrictions—as if the virus was a German army. / BBC News


France is Europe’s epicenter of the new wave of coronavirus infections; a breakdown of the country’s Covid data. / The Wall Street Journal, Twitter


Airlines begin offering on-the-spot preflight testing. / NPR


A study sponsored by the airline industry says flying is less risky than grocery shopping; a recent Covid outbreak linked to a seven-hour flight raises renewed concerns. / USA Today, Forbes


The pandemic has tipped millions into unemployment; for others, “consumer savings have increased, credit scores have surged to a record high and household debt has dropped.” / The New York Times


More than 70 million Americans have voted in the presidential election, including 47 million by mail-in ballot. / US Elections Project


Vivian Schiller: It's time to retire the term “Election Day” and replace it with a far more clear and more accurate term: “the last day of voting.” / CNN


A concurrence by Justice Kavanaugh gives court followers reason to fear this election may end in something like Bush v. Gore, even if the chances are very slim. / Slate, The Washington Post


Peer-reviewed research finds that Facebook usage is five times more polarizing for conservatives than for liberals. / The Washington Post


“I’ve been involved in a certain amount of soul-searching.” How the press covered the last four years of Trump. / Columbia Journalism Review


The FBI continues to delay a report stating white-supremacist violence to be the greatest terror threat facing the nation. / The Daily Beast


A second night of protests in Philadelphia after police killed Walter Wallace, a Black man who was in the midst of a mental health crisis. The Associated Press


Photographs of a recent October weekend in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. / The Cut


"Notice that a lot of them are in Japan." Data about the oldest companies in the world. / The Long Now


Headline of the week? “Kazakhstan, Reversing Itself, Embraces ‘Borat’ as Very Nice.” / The New York Times


A new book collects firsthand accounts of supernatural encounters as originally reported on TripAdvisor. / It's Nice That

The Dodgers win the World Series despite third baseman Justin Turner being pulled in the seventh inning—for testing positive for the coronavirus. / The Los Angeles Times