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Wednesday headlines: Clear as smoke

Will Hoenig: I think the reality of endemic Covid needs to be communicated to the world at this point. / Twitter

If you're fully vaccinated, what's your risk of "long Covid" as the delta variant spreads? / The San Francisco Chronicle

Helen Branswell: More than 200 people in 27 states are being monitored for possible exposure to monkeypox. / STAT

A group of hobbyists study past epidemics through their impact on the mail. / The Atlantic

See also: Between 1913 and 1915, approximately seven babies "were transported between homes via the good ol' US Mail." / The Baffler

Kids are using soda to fake positive Covid tests. A scientist figures out how, then figures how to detect it. / The Conversation

Geoff Manaugh details what it's like to finish writing a book about quarantine during quarantine. / BLDG BLOG

Oakley, Utah, is one of the first towns in the United States to purposely halt growth for a lack of water. / The New York Times

The American West's wildfires are creating hazy skies as far away as New York. / The Associated Press

California photojournalists are given free rein to cover wildfires. In Oregon, New Mexico, and other states, access is forbidden. / The Associated Press

A runner explores Isle Royale, one of our least visited—but most revisited—national parks. / The Cleanest Line

Milwaukee's Giannis Antetokounmpo scores 50 points in the 105-98 decider against the Phoenix Suns. / ESPN

Related: How an armless archer trains his brain to win Olympic gold. / The Morning News

The young woman who popularized the word cheugy—who is said to have "spawned a whole cheugy discourse"—regrets her contribution to society. / The Cut

Watch: A man "magically" turns into random objects. / YouTube