Honduras plans to establish diplomatic ties with China and sever them with Taiwan. / NPR

Argentina's annual inflation rate hits 102.5%, its highest level since hyperinflation in the 1990s. / The Buenos Aires Herald

A list of banks that have failed since 2000. / FDIC

A guide to the issues dividing the prospective 2024 Republican field. / Wake Up to Politics

Elizabeth Kolbert: The White House-approved Arctic drilling project is itself vulnerable to climate change. / The New Yorker

Minnesota's "Climate-proof" Duluth is becoming a refuge for people moving to avoid the climate crisis. / The New York Times

Speaking of migration: A 5,000-mile-wide seaweed bloom is headed for Florida. / The Hill

Climate change is making California's storms much wetter and more intense. / Grist

Since January, 22 people have died on Los Angeles Metro buses and trains, mostly from suspected overdoses—more people than all of 2022. / The Los Angeles Times

Teen mental health distress started well before 2012. / The Biblioracle Recommends

"Mutant Moneyball" is a data-driven guide to determining which X-Men characters are the most valuable. / Rally

In 2020, some $25 billion was spent on industrial robots. And a lot more AI is coming to Google products very soon. / The Economist, Twitter

An ad campaign renders Big Macs to be recognizable at high speed. / It's Nice That

"Gossip, caveats—you get used to missing them." What it's like to need hearing aids in your thirties. / Guernica

Unrelated/related: YouTube classic "Everyone's Upstairs Neighbor." / YouTube 

Old TMN friend Jason Kottke's blog turns 25. Jason, we toast you with a rotating sandwich. / Kottke, Rotating Sandwiches