Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Close to home.

Following a Russian court's denial of her appeal, Brittney Griner could now be sent to a penal colony for the next eight years. / CNBC

Here's what you should read by and about "author and activist, radical hero, and family man" Mike Davis, who died yesterday at 76. / Read Max, The Nation, Los Angeles Times

Alito: The leak of the decision overturning Roe made conservative justices "targets for assassination." / Reuters

A thread of articles from 2015 predicting Trump's campaign would fizzle out. / @jackshafer

"SUBJECT: Match my contribution to Dua Lipa tickets???" If I emailed my parents like Democrats email me. / McSweeney's

Scientists had speculated a planet 66 light-years away might have been able to sustain life, but new research shows it may not even be able to hold onto an atmosphere. / CNN

"Current national security imperatives should considerably, if not entirely, offset moral hazard concerns about geoengineering." / Foreign Affairs

Related: From 2010, Anthony Doerr on the geoengineering we're all participating in right this very moment. / The Morning News

Why many American drivers are seeing fewer windshield bug splats: It's not only declining inspect populations, but more—and bigger—cars on the roads. / The Washington Post

Related/unrelated: Take a lovely drive by a lake—or on Mars, Venus, and the moon. / Slow Roads

Dutch media say China's "overseas service stations"—which are supposed to provide diplomatic services—are actually illegal police stations. / BBC News

The TV, film, and literary inspirations of every "Treehouse of Horror" episode on The Simpsons. / Tableau

The Dallas Museum of Art offers lenses to improve the art-viewing experience for visitors with Color Vision Deficiency. / Hyperallergic

"galaxy arising from a brain, 8k, octane render, micro detailed — upbeta — test — creative." Effective writing prompts for AI can get pretty weird. / Clive Thompson