Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Considering, uncorking, unraveling.

House Democrats postpone voting to condemn anti-Semitism after "an array of progressive groups" call for solidarity with Rep. Ilhan Omar.

See also: Making tone-deaf remarks isn’t as bad as supporting de facto apartheid.

A self-described neoliberal describes why the Democrats need to accept the politics, if not the policies, of a leftward turn.

Both parties want the White House to formally implicate the Saudi Crown Prince in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Germany took many decades to heal after the second world war, and then only after they had thoroughly, completely assimilated and internalized the message: “WHOA that Nazi thing was the worst.” If you’re considering becoming a Nazi, you should know that it ends very, very badly.

Lists of last year's best longform journalism were very America- and New York-centric.

Established HIV infection was thought to be impossible to cure. A second person appears to have been cured.

Several companies now offer DNA testing of old envelopes, uncorking ethical dilemmas. The dead, after all, can't consent.

Tesla owners in Taiwan organize protests after Elon Musk's recent price cuts make their cars worth $25,000 less.

Michael Bloomberg says he’s not going to run for president; instead he’s going to shut down every coal-fired power plant over the next 11 years.

After China stopped buying American recyclables, American cities started burning them.

Chinese fans of a new anime are shipping a Marx-Engels romance.

The average cost for 1GB of mobile data in the US is $12.37. In the UK, it's $6.66. In India, it's $0.26.

The NSA has reportedly shut down its system to analyze logs of Americans’ domestic calls and texts.

"We’re spoilt for choice." Scientists name the worst trash produced by humanity.

Astronomers are hunting for another planet in our Solar System, "Planet 9," that they expect to emerge in the next decade or so.

Thanks to soaring rents, San Francisco may soon be left with only one commercial dungeon space.

Now available: A custom headpiece, sized for humans, based on the face of your cat, whiskers and all.

Watch: A motivational video that involves freediving and New Age music; it’s also about psoriatic arthritis and insurance companies.

Your Wednesday art: "Penelope Unraveling Her Work at Night" (1886) by Dora Wheeler.