Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Cowabunga?

The last 10 years have broken fire records in California, and 2020 tops them all. / The Los Angeles Times

Photos from the last month of wildfires in Brazil, Greece, and Argentina, during what may go down as the hottest year yet recorded. / Heated

Can you slap an HVAC filter on a box fan to create a decent air purifier? Yes. / The Morning News

Modeling where Americans will move over the coming decades as the climate crisis changes life as we know it. / The New York Times Magazine

Hurricane Sally lands in the Alabama and Florida Panhandle with damaging winds and heavy rain. Forecasters are running out of names for this “hyperactive season.” / CNN, The New York Times

A time-lapse map of every nuclear explosion since 1945. / The Morning News

Climate crisis be damned, Singapore Airlines may start offering "flights to nowhere" for travelers who miss flying. / The Points Guy

The White House appoints a climate denier to help run NOAA, an agency that produces much of the government's climate research. / The Washington Post

Related, in case you missed it: “It will start getting cooler, just you watch” and “I don’t think science knows, actually.” / The Associated Press

New audio from Woodward’s interviews with Trump features the president describing COVID-19 in more damning terms. / The Hill

See also: Woodward’s book, explained. / Vox

At the current rate of coronavirus spread, the US death toll likely will exceed 400,000 by January. / The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Tyler Cowen: The pandemic economy would be better if rich people just would go out to lunch. / Bloomberg

In January 1908, during a tuberculosis epidemic, students in New England studied outside. / The Washington Post

In South Africa, some students have moved in with their teachers to avoid falling behind on schoolwork. / CBS News

The formalizing of Israel’s improved relations with the UAE and Bahrain features mixed messaging about the Palestinians. / The Associated Press

Maysam Behravesh and Hamidreza Azizi: The Abraham Accord threatens decades of foreign-policy planning in Tehran. / Foreign Policy

For your weekly wanderlust (from home): cheap Irish houses for sale. / Cheap Irish Houses

MetaFilter users list favorite resources that highlight “weird, interesting, or just really neat properties." / Ask MetaFilter

Where does the internet live? A large part of it lives in five "carrier hotels" around New York City. / WIRED

Incitements on Facebook fuel ethnic violence in Ethiopia. / VICE

The city of Louisville agrees to pay Breonna Taylor’s family $12 million. The unresolved criminal investigation remains “an open wound.” / The Courier-Journal

An autonomous AI named “Rachael” was specifically designed to create likeable images on Instagram. / Matthias Winckelmann

See also: How to steal like Wes Anderson. / YouTube

A woman recently surfed the biggest wave ever caught, but you probably didn't hear about it, thanks to the sport being so focused on men. / The Atlantic