Headlines, Y'all

Wednesday headlines: Crypto through the tulips.

A new UN report finds the world further off course than ever from averting climate catastrophe.

Mass protests in Iran leave 731 banks and 140 government sites torched. Protesters in Iraq block roads with burning tires.

Heavy snows, hurricane-force winds, and a “bomb cyclone” disrupt Thanksgiving travel around the US.

The paradox of the American labor market: unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 50 years, but most of the jobs are lousy.

From old Hollywood to the gig economy, the "multi-hyphenate" represents the labor market’s latest iteration.

See also: Hollywood’s hyphenation boom has been roaring since around 2015.

Cryptocurrency is back, perhaps stronger than ever. TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin tumbles down the rabbit hole to see what it all means.

In place of holiday pay, Wal-Mart offers employees a small discount to shop in their own stores.

Most rich countries are strikingly pro-dog, but Americans—white Americans, mainly—are obsessed.

A profile of William Monroe Trotter, the radical black newspaperman who lived for a fight.

Reading Lauren Duca’s memoir in the context of today’s media ecosystem, Haley Mlotek finds no revolution, only self-promotion.

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White nationalists start to heckle other Trump supporters for insufficient cruelty to nonwhites and coziness with Jewish people.

Departments of Motor Vehicles around the US are selling drivers' personal information. California made $52 million from it in 2017/18.

Apartments for homeless people in Los Angeles have an average cost of $531,000. The median price for a condo: $546,000.

Houses are not homes, and homes are not necessarily houses—a fact that the American dream of ownership is starting to accommodate.

A brief history of "streamlining" in the design of modern production cars.

"Trivial but attractive." Scenes painted from journeys in Google Street View.

A perfect microcosm of Earth started with a single seed planted in a pile of compost.

A profile of the woman who knitted all of Tom Hanks's cardigans for the Mr. Rogers movie.

Finally, Bon Appétit test-kitchen cooks answer last-minute Thanksgiving questions. How to cook Thanksgiving in two days or less. Why Addams Family Values is the perfect Thanksgiving film.

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