Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Dating in captivity.

The last thing America needs right now is partisan squabbling. “But when we’re back on our feet, the country needs to know what went wrong.”

On pretense of pandemic, Hungary's Orban is granted sweeping new powers, becoming the dictator of his dreams.

Turkmenistan bans the word “coronavirus.”

India is a top source of drug ingredients. The White House wants trade restrictions lifted amid fears of a US supply shortage.

Best performing assets in 2020: orange juice futures and eggs.

A pack of wild Kashmiri goats “has taken its rightful place as rulers of Llandudno,” a seaside town in northwest Wales.

Many coronavirus hot spots in the Mountain West overlap with winter playgrounds for the rich.

Hospitals are threatening to fire health-care workers who publicize their working conditions.

If Dr. Fauci can keep his job, and his crucial influence on Trump, “he will have another item for his already gold-plated résumé: Media Survivor.”

High-profile prisoners like R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, and Bernie Madoff ask for early release.

On the trickiness of broadcasting TV news from home: "You're going to find out soon, and it's best you hear it from me directly. I'm a dark brunette."

British white supremacists posing as Extinction Rebellion post eco-fascist propaganda.

Submariners are likely among the last pockets of people who are unaware of the pandemic.

Dave Eggers explains how to save your local bookstore. For local newspapers, it looks rough.

A round-up of people who are currently doing good deeds.

At the Germany-Denmark border—closed two weeks ago—an elderly couple (safely) meets to chat.

In Los Angeles right now, your car doubles as your dining room. (It's going to take more than a plague to keep Angelenos from their double-doubles.)

The Getty Museum challenges people to recreate famous works of art at home.

"The libido isn’t just persevering in quarantine; it’s loudly insisting." Currently trending: virtual sext bunkers? Also, people making their own families.

Watch and listen: Dorothea Lasky reads her poem “I Like Weird Ass Hippies.”

In case this applies to your stay-at-home situation: How to arrange your place to get a stronger wifi signal.

Overly descriptive color palettes. For architects, 250 things you should know.

Remembering the 2009 Alexander McQueen show that changed the future of fashion.