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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Death by taxes.

In an apparent coup, Zimbabwe's military has taken custody of President Robert Mugabe, the country's only leader since its independence in 1980. The takeover seems to be in response to Mugabe's removal of the vice president, a move that elevated his wife, Grace Mugabe, to political prominence.

Details on what's happening in Zimbabwe are still scant, and many news outlets are relying on information from a very suspicious Twitter account.

Senate Republicans have included a repeal of the ACA's individual mandate into the latest revision of their tax plan. A repeal would save more than $300 billion over the next decade and end with 13 million fewer people covered by health insurance.

Australia voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage.

For the first time in a decade, the number of new international students heading to the US has dropped.

Health officials blame a spike in STD rates on dating apps, which compound the issue by hindering disease tracking.

Nearly every environmental threat scientists warned about 25 years ago is now worse—but the ozone hole did shrink.

“A few seconds after this group of people was the smell of gunsmoke ... and you could almost get a hint of blood behind it.” Haunting firsthand stories from survivors of American mass shootings.

Seen from 2017, the turn-of-the-century origins of women's self-defense show men have always feared strong women.

“Everything that’s on file about you for the last 15 years and the next 40 years” may someday be used against you with technology that, at this time, we can’t understand or predict. “We overcollect and we underprotect.” A terrifying story of how a stalker used a woman’s digital life to harass and gaslight her.

An interview with the Washington Square Arch's living statue, Johan Figueroa-González.

Many museum visitors can't help but touch the art, because the best exhibits invite all the senses.

Since 1968, Alan Blackman has sent thousands of letters with beautifully calligraphed envelopes to himself.

“As we explore creatively, we expand aesthetically: everything new that we view as beautiful adds to the word’s definition.” Babies don’t prefer consonance over dissonance, and other evidence to show that “beauty” isn’t locked in at birth.

Video: A 360-degree camera trip through four otherworldly settings.

A visual explanation of how generative music (e.g., Reich, Eno) works, and where our algorithms may yet take us.

“She uses the social feed only to check on people who already owe her money. So like, if they go out to an expensive dinner, she’ll look to see if they’ve been active and then she knows if they’re avoiding paying her.” For Venmo users, the public feed is for voyeurism, and sometimes stalking.

A "joy plot" visualizing 80 days of Joy Division streaming data.

Surreal, distorted paintings by Mikael Takacs, who uses various implements to drag paint across the canvas.