Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: “Deepfakes” are real news.

Steve Bannon is back, or he’s trying to be: pitching White House aides and Trump allies on a plan to kill the Mueller probe.

Worth remembering: Trump's recent tweets on Russia mirrored the conversation and the storylines, in almost real-time, from an episode of Fox & Friends.

A lawyer explains why the country is entering a dangerous moment: actual confrontation between the president and his investigators.

A study finds that Americans, especially Millennials, know very little about the Holocaust; 45% can’t name even a single concentration camp.

A federal appeals court says employers can't pay women less than men just because they made less at a previous job.

The case against an autonomous military: Why thousands of Google employees resisted doing A.I. for the Pentagon.

The site of Kim Jong Un's summit with Trump may be influenced by the North Korean leader's lack of a plane to fly there.

We’ll shortly live in a world where our eyes routinely deceive us. Put differently, we’re not so far from the collapse of reality. “Deepfakes,” currently responsible for dark-web hoax porn, are coming soon to your everyday world.

The hockey community across North America has been leaving sticks outside at night to honor a team of boys killed in a bus accident.

When Lionel Messi scores a goal, the city of Barcelona literally shakes, says a seismometer installed nearby.

Shohei Ohtani is baseball's great new hope: the first since Babe Ruth to star in both pitching and hitting.

Photographs by Martin Amis (no, not that Martin Amis) of British gamblers.

A new typeface, enabling sighted speakers to read Braille, aims to put more Braille in public spaces.

Many people don’t know the most common lowercase print version of the seventh letter of the alphabet.

Video: Scientists figured out why Japan’s snow monkeys soak in hot spring bathing pools.

Man robs $1,600 from a bank and throws it on Taylor Swift’s lawn in order to impress and marry her.