Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Definitely maybe not

An investigation into the "black box" of website content that's been used to train the most popular AI chatbots. / The Washington Post

Related: To scrape back money from the AI companies that have scraped its content, Reddit will begin charging companies for API access. / Engadget

Multiple people have been indicted for carrying torches with the intent to intimidate at the 2017 Charlottesville rally. / Associated Press

Twitter quietly removed language from its hateful conduct policy protecting transgender users, while leaving other aspects of the policy untouched. / NBC News

New York City's curbside composting program hasn't actually composted anything—yet—but the biogas is now being used to provide energy to 2,500 or so homes. / The New York Times

America's rural communities are saving their local grocery stores through community involvement, crowdfunding, and the help of national grants. / NPR

Now out of prison for selling Nintendo Switch hacks, Gary Bowser must pay up to 30% of his monthly income to Nintendo as part of a $10 million settlement. / Polygon

Researchers find that half of secondhand corporate routers were sold without first being wiped or encrypted. / Ars Technica

After 25 years, Netflix will shut down its DVD-mailing business in September. / Variety

See also: A look back at the computer magazine era, which ends this month with the final print issues of the last two surviving computer magazines. / Technologizer

The new issue of the Paper Bag Archive's To Have & To Hold is out, and it's all about the history of museum bags. / Creative Boom

Imagining what might have been had Oasis's classic lineup never disbanded—by training an AI model on Liam Gallagher's vocals. Listen to the results. / The Guardian, YouTube

As it turns out, there are no US states with perfectly straight borders. In fact, Colorado is a hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon—a shape with 697 sides. / Atlas Obscura

"She thought and thought about how a tortilla might be wrapped around taco fillings in the shape of a hexagon." A fascinating peek inside Taco Bell's innovation kitchen. / The New Yorker

More in shapes: How does that square-wheeled bicycle work? "It's essentially a pedal-powered tank." / Gizmodo