Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Do not go mental into that good night

California Governor Newsom beats back the recall effort that dominated his third year in office. / The San Francisco Chronicle

The list of politicians and activists excluded from Russia's upcoming elections reads like "a Who's Who of the Russian opposition." / BBC News

A personal essay by Sakiru Adebayo about dogs and racism across Nigeria, South Africa, and Canada. / Africa Is a Country

Here is another virus to be aware of: the deadly Nipah virus returns to the southern Indian state of Kerala. / NPR

What's the right dose for Covid-19 booster shots? Preventing booster "over-dosing" may be the best way to use the vaccine supply optimally. / MedPage Today

MIT scientists invent a robotic nose that can detect the first signs of disease—and someday may be packaged into your smartphone. / Freethink

US Soccer takes a step toward addressing equal pay concerns by offering the men's and women's players' unions the same contract proposals. / NPR

A Facebook leak reveals that it's known for a while that Instagram is bad for teenagers' mental health. / The Guardian

Related: An argument for abandoning the words "mind" and "mental" when speaking of psychology or cognitive science. / Aeon

Macro photography of plants by Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932), who used a homemade camera to magnify his subjects up to 30 times. / Raw Pixel

See also: The 2021 Fall Foliage Prediction Map. / Smokymountains.com via Kottke

Inside London's voluminous prop houses, with photographs by Jasper Fry. / The Spaces

A miniature model-maker creates models inspired by Studio Ghibli using recycled garbage. / Spoon & Tamago

A traveling retrospective honors Japanese artist Chiura Obata, whose love of the American West shined in his landscapes. / Smithsonian Magazine

Rachel Tashjian says American fashion designers are ditching camp for sexy. "The moment is characterized by a vanity that purrs." / GQ

See also: "How Chandler Bing and Jerry Seinfeld Became 2021's Biggest Fashion Icons." / The Wall Street Journal