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Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Don’t touch my tiny purse.

Protesters face off against riot police in Hong Kong. Sunday saw the city’s largest protest ever, opposing a controversial bill to make extraditions to China easier.

Thanks to the climate crisis, we can look forward to a significant expansion of dengue fever.

See also: To reduce your arachnophobia or myrmecophobia, try watching Spider-Man or Ant Man, respectively.

The International Space Station is now available for commercial exploitation—film shoots, product testing, visiting astronauts.

"You can't easily find the pictures I want on Google Images." Taking photos while you travel is underrated.

A round-up of vintage TV test patterns, from back in the day when stations didn't broadcast around the clock.

Maine becomes the second state after California to allow non-doctors to provide in-clinic abortions.

Delta says that at Atlanta’s Terminal F, its “biometric terminal,” fewer than two percent of passengers opt out of facial recognition.

From last summer, some perceptive thoughts on the differences today between public and private.

More absurdities from cancel culture: A publisher cancels a book deal after a stupid tweet. Now the tweeter wants $13 million.

People in Facebook's "blessings groups"—crowdfunding folks in need—say that they don’t know where they’d turn without them.

A study finds that the average estimate of happiness is far lower than actual reported happiness in every single country. “Every single country!"

An all-white town in South Africa, home to the Afrikaner right, tries to go it alone with a crypto scheme.

“Some of the stories are a bit sinister.” A history of London’s secret, sometimes hidden rivers.

Today's "nano-bags," or tiny purses, recall pre-eighteenth-century accessories, from back when women's fashion had more pockets.

Japan's office chair "Isu" races will feature 10 different grand prix events across the country this year.

How to make biodegradable “plastic” from cactus juice.

Related/unrelated: "You played against cactus because you had to play Nadal." Jon Wertheim's "50 parting thoughts" from this year's French Open.